Did You Know?

Skylights are a very common fixture in the Tucson area.  With all the sunshine we have and the cost of electricity, skylights have been the most widely utilized form of solar energy from very early on.

The Problem With Skylights

Unfortunately, skylights have gotten a pretty bad rap for being leakers. But, aside from a few early design problems, there's no reason a modern skylight fixture should leak any more than any other roof component.

One reason the skylight has been vilified is that many roofers don't understand the limitations of different styles of skylight. As a result, they choose an inappropriate design for the application. For example, you wouldn't use the same skylight fixture for a tile roof as you would for a flat roof application - but roofers continue to make this error.

Another problem is that after 20 or so years, skylight domes become brittle.  Besides the odd rock or golfball, the sun alone can cause a skylight to crack of its own accord.

What We Do

Roofsavers Locke Roofing stocks all standard sized skylight domes and can have custom sized domes made as well.

There is no reason to have to put up with skylight leaks when you have Roofsavers to call.

Estimates Are Always Free!

It's important to understand exactly what you're getting when you need roofing service. So we're happy to take a close look at your roof, discuss your needs, and give you a detailed estimate - all at no cost to you.