Broken Tile Replacement on Tile Roofs

Roof tiles break ... it's a fact. Perhaps someone stepped on them wrong, hit them with a golf ball, or the roof tiles were broken when they were installed. Some roofing tiles come damaged from the factory and some break from expansion and contraction.

Did You Know?

Whatever the cause, broken roof tiles need to be replaced to protect the underlayment from the sun and water.

If the underlayment is damaged, then the repair becomes more involved and expensive.

How We Repair Broken Roof Tiles

Here at Roofsavers Locke Roofing we have one of the most complete and comprehensive inventories of replacement tiles in the southwest. We have a large inventory of tiles at our facility and maintain a database of replacement tiles from other yards around Arizona.

Odds are that even if your home has a discontinued or difficult tile to locate, we'll be the ones who can track it down or identify the best match.


Estimates Are Always Free!

It's important to understand exactly what you're getting when you need roofing service. So we're happy to take a close look at your roof, discuss your needs, and give you a detailed estimate - all at no cost to you.

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With one of the largest inventories of roofing tiles in the southwest, we can repair or replace any tile roof quickly and cost-effectively.

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