Roofing Services for Tucson, AZ

What Type of Roof Do You Have?

What Type of Roofing Problem Do You Have?

Leaking Tile Roof

A tile roof is a complicated system of underlayment, flashing, and roof tiles. When something goes wrong with that system the tiles must be removed to correct the problem. We have qualified people who can identify and correct the problem below the tiles so your roof doesn't continue to leak.

Coating Problems On Built-Up Roofing

Flat roofs need periodic maintenance and re-coating to protect them from the sun. Roof coating does not keep water out and so proper re-sealing of penetrations and flashings prior to re-coating is very important. As with any project, the quality is in the preparation.

Poor Drainage Or Ponding

Many of us who own flat roofs know that areas that pond water after a rain sometimes exist. Ponding water damages the coating and eventually the roof. There are several ways to correct these problems and we can help with those.

Damaged Or Rotting Wood

If a roof leaks for a considerable period of time eventually wood will deteriorate as a result. We can replace any decking or fascia boards necessary while correcting the leak that originally caused the damage.

Broken Roof Tiles

Broken tiles result in accelerated deterioration and premature failure of the tile roof. It is important to inspect for and replace broken tiles quickly before serious damage occurs.

Leaking Skylights

Skylights are a very common fixture in the Tucson area but also one of the more problematic, usually due to improper installation and poor design choices. We can fix those issues so you have a leak-free skylight that lets in sunlight but not rain.

Professional roofing and roof leak repair services in Tucson and eastern Pima county, including: Saddlebrooke, Red Rock, Marana, Oro Valley, Dove Mountain, Avra Valley, Rancho Vistoso, Picture Rocks, Three Points, Diamond Bell, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Canoa Ranch, Carona de Tucson, Rita Ranch, Vail, X9 Ranch, and Rincon Valley.