Roofing 101

Everything You Need To Know About Roofing in Tucson, AZ

"Roofing 101"? What's That About?

This web page has been set up to help our customers, as well as roof owners in general, develop a better understanding of the roof they own. There's a lot of information on this page - information that's critical to have in order to make the most informed roofing decisions possible.


Technical vs. Practical Roofing Problems

A practical problem is one that will pose a problem if left uncorrected.

A technical problem is usually an installation defect that likely will not affect the overall performance of the roof.

While both are problems, we will normally advise to correct practical problems and not correct the technical problems unless they affect the performance or life expectancy of the roof.

As an example - coatings have a life span. They start to age the day they are installed and after a period of 5 or so years they will need to be redone. Similarly, mortar on a tile roof cracks. Since it's largely cosmetic we will likely not recommend redoing the mortar because of a few inconsequential cracks. When we feel that items such as these might impact the overall life expectancy of a roof, we will make corrective recommendations.

Some technical problems would require re-roofing to correct. If the roof is otherwise performing as intended, re-roofing often is a bit of overkill. One exception would be on a brand new roof. New roofs should always be free of defects.

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Common Problems With Tile Roof Systems

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Definitions of Roofing Terms Used in Roofing Proposals

When you receive a proposal for roofing repair or roof coating, it will include a description of the problem areas (if any) and the work to be done. That description will include a number of technical roofing terms that you may not be familiar with.

In this article, we explain the most common roofing terms you’re likely to come across in proposals.

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Get The Maximum Life Out Of Your Roof For The Least Amount Of Money

The way I see it, maintenance that is affordable will get done and maintenance that is not affordable will not get done. We will not recommend that you maintain your roof in a constant state of perfection. Beside the fact that it's simply not possible, it's also not very smart.

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