Roof Ponding & Drainage

Did You Know?

Many of us with flat roofs know that they often do not drain as well as they should.

Eventually, ponding water will deteriorate the roof coating and the roofing below, resulting in premature failure of the roof system.

Why Don't Roofs Drain Properly?

Poor roof drainage could be from settling of the building, structural changes, or construction defect.

Often roof drains are installed too high in the wall.

How We Correct Ponding Water On Roofs

We have several methods of correcting or reducing the amount of ponding water on your roof.

Enlarging the Drains

Sometimes a drain can simply be enlarged to accommodate more flow and to allow tree debris to pass and not back-up onto the roof.

Lowering the Drains

At other times the drain can be lowered in the wall, recessed in the deck, or tapered to allow for better drainage.

Raising the Roof Level

Very often, insulation can be added to the roof to bring up the level of the roof in the area and push the water to the existing drains.

Adding Another Drain

Sometimes the pond is such that a supplemental deck drain needs to be added. This drain is effective when the ponding water is too far away from existing drains to be able to force the water toward them, or when conditions on the roof do not allow for other types of correction.

And at other times, a combination of methods will give the best results.

Your Roofsavers Locke Roofing inspector will be able to identify the best, most cost-effective solution to your ponding water problems.

scupper on slumpblock wall in Tucson
staining on flat roof
leak fix on flat roof by Roofsavers in Tucson, AZ
area on flat roof where water backed up and stained the roof

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